Coraline和她的家人搬进了一栋半边荒废的老宅 | 三分钟英文故事之Coraline

摘要: Coraline和她的家人搬进了一栋老宅子。老宅子里住着一个怪老头还有两个怪奶奶。

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Coraline discovered the door a little while after they moved into the house.

It was a very old house - it had an attic [1] under the roof and a cellar [2] under the ground and an overgrown garden with huge old trees in it.

Coralines family didnt own all of the house, it was too big for that. Instead they owned part of it.

There were other people who lived in the old house.

Miss Spink and Miss Forcible lived in the flat below Coralines, on the ground floor [3]. They were both old and round, and they lived in their flat with a number of ageing Highland terriers who had names like Hamish and Andrew and Jock. Once upon a time [4] Miss Spink and Miss Forcible had been actresses, as Miss Spink told Coraline the first time she met her.

“You see, Caroline,” Miss Spink said, getting Coraline’s name wrong, “both myself and Miss Forcible were famous actresses, in our time. We trod [5] the boards, luvvy. Oh, dont let Hamish eat the fruitcake, or hell be up all night with his tummy.”

“Its Coraline. Not Caroline. Coraline,” said Coraline.

In the flat above Coralines, under the roof, was a crazy old man with a big mustache [6]. He told Coraline that he was training a mouse circus. He wouldnt let anyone see it.

“One day, little Caroline, when they are all ready, everyone in the whole world will see the wonders of my mouse circus. You ask me why you cannot see it now. Is that what you asked me?”

“No,” said Coraline quietly, “I asked you not to call me Caroline. Its Coraline.”

“The reason you cannot see the mouse circus,” said the man upstairs, “is that the mice are not yet ready and rehearsed [7]. Also, they refuse to play the songs I have written for them. All the songs I have written for the mice to play go oompah oompah. But the white mice will only play toodle oodle, like that. I am thinking of trying them on different types of cheese.”

Coraline didnt think there really was a mouse circus. She thought the old man was probably making it up.

The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring.

Vocabulary &Phrases

[1] attic[??t?k]n. 阁楼;顶楼

[2] cellar [?s?l?]n. 地下室,地窖

[3] ground floor底层

[4] once upon a time从前

[5] trod[trɑd]vt. 踩,踏(tread的过去式)

[6] mustache [m?stɑ:?]n. 胡子

[7] rehearsed [r??h?:st]vt. 排练,排演(rehearse的过去分词








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